It is an "Izu style" to lay a sheet on the sandy beach and run into the sea with one snorkel.

Enjoy the seasonal change in the wildflowers of the mountains, watch the sunset slowly over the sea, and end your day.

In Heda, including "Mihama Misaki" registered as "Izu Peninsula Geopark" There are a lot of activities to enjoy the nature of Izu.

I hope that all the guests who come here can fully enjoy Heda.



Mihama Misaki, registered as an Izu Geopark certified by the UNESCO World Heritage Site, is Heda's special beach.


The high clarity and calm shores of the sea will calm your mind just by watching the sea, of course.



Izu peninsula is very famous as a good fishing area!

Heda Bay spread in front of the hostel.How about spending such a luxurious time hanging a fishing line and staring at the sparkling waves?

A fishing boat that can cruise off the coast can also be arranged.

<Rental fishing rod>

Price: ¥ 500 / a rod, a day



Here are some recommended routes for trekking that you can enjoy in Heda surrounded by mountains.

All routes are easy to walk.


Please enjoy nature of Heda showing various expressions every season.



It is about a 15-minute walk from Tagore to the roadside station "Kurura Heda" where you can enjoy Onsen hot spring.


Tagore sells discount tickets, so if you use a hot spring, please tell us at the front desk.



Heda has "Kitayama rice terrace" that has been selected as one of the Top 100 Rice Terraces in Japan.

It is a place where you can feel nostalgic, packed with the original landscape of Japan.



Tagore offers bike rental.


Why don't you use a bicycle and feel the charm of Heda where seamounts coexist with your whole body?


<Rental cycle>

Price : ¥ 500 / a vehicle, 3H



Night cruise ships cruise from the central pier in front of Tagore. (Summer only)


Comes with an activity to catch flying fish on the net!

Time: 20: 00-21: 00

Location: From from of Tagore

Price: ¥ 800 / person



After waking up with the sun and welcoming a refreshing morning with a crisp spine, why not join the morning yoga on the beach at Cape Mihama?


* Irregularly held


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